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Short-Haul Moving

You Move Me was founded as Tracksuit Movers, a subsidiary of O2E Brands (1-800-Got-Junk?) in 2013. We launched with 25 franchisees on day 1 and made a whole bunch of mistakes. 

As a member of the founding team at the franchisor, shareholder in the franchisor and franchisee on Vancouver Island I have been involved in every aspect of this businesses growth.

Since it's inception the franchisor has grown to $40m+ in revenue and my Franchise is the 3rd or 4th largest (depending on the year) with the deepest market penetration of any market in the system and 5 straight years of 60%+ YOY Revenue growth.   

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My Involvement
Franchisee Stats

Head of Operations Franchisor (2015-2018)


Top 5 Franchisee (2014-Current)


Launch Team Customer Experience & Call Centre (2013)


Project Lead, Franchise Development (2020-2021)

Top 5 Franchisee

4 x Years >65% YOY Growth

2021 YOY +100%


300+ Positive Reviews

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